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Green Pickups - 'A5 MODEL' Strat Pickup Set - Aged White

Green Pickups - 'A5 MODEL' Strat Pickup Set - Aged White

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From Green Pickups - "My A5 model is exactly what you would expect from a 60s style pickup; clean and crisp in tone and works great with a variety of amps, from small combos to big stacks.

When someone thinks “strat” this is the sound they’re referring to. The pairing of Alnico V magnets and 42AWG wire mean these are a little brighter than the 50s set but they have just as much bottom"

Green Pickups wind all of their pickups in Manchester, England using the same time-honoured methods that the original 1950's counterparts were once made.

The Specs:

Pole Spacing: 52mm

Wiring: Black- Ground, White- Live

Resistance: 6.3k (+/- 5% )

Inductance: 3.09 Henries (+/- 5% )

Magnets: Alnico V

Wire: 42AWG - Heavy Formvar

Pickup Covers: Aged White

Handmade in Manchester UK

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