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Green Pickups - Premium Vintage 50's Vintage PAF - Pickup Set

Green Pickups - Premium Vintage 50's Vintage PAF - Pickup Set

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From Green Pickups - "This faithful reproduction of a late 1950s PAF aims to capture the iconic tone that has shaped the world of rock music. Its primary goal is historical accuracy, faithfully recreating the sound and experience of the original pickups. While it does have its limitations, it offers a genuine guitar experience that delivers on all expectations.

In terms of tone, it boasts a rich sound with just the right amount of top-end to handle moderate levels of gain. It's a pickup that requires minimal tweaking of amp settings - simply plug in and instantly achieve that classic rock/blues rock sound.

Vintage humbuckers are known for their brightness, thanks to their low resistance, low inductance, and weak magnets. They offer a beautifully balanced tone, although they are not high-output pickups. When you introduce some dirt through amp pushing or pedals, it responds exactly as you would expect, without muddying up your distorted sound."

Green Pickups wind all of their pickups in Manchester, England using the same time-honoured methods that the original 1950's counterparts were once made.

The Specs:

  • Butyrate bobbins (49.2mm spacing)

  • 3/16" mild steel slugs

  • 5/40 UNC mild steel pole screws

  • Long legged German Silver base

  • 62mm long Alnico 2 bar magnet (neck and bridge pups didn't exist then)

  • 22AWG Metal braided hookup wire.

  • 42 AWG Plain enamel wound just below 8k

  • Maple spacers

  • Un-plated german silver cover (if purchased)

  • Paper coil tape

  • Resistance- 7.7k (+/-10%)

  • Inductance- 5.4H

  • 42AWG Plain Enamel wire

  • Unpotted
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