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Frederic Effects

Fredric Effects - Mutant Fuzz

Fredric Effects - Mutant Fuzz

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The Mutant Fuzz is Fredric Effects' version of the Os Mutantes (Regulus VIII) fuzz.

The Regulus VIII is similar in topology to a silicon Fuzz Face, but with a more gritty and trebly character. The Mutant Fuzz is pretty much a straight clone with some added power and RF interference filtering - so it won't pick-up the radio like the originals sometimes do! The level of gain is fixed at 'just right', although you can roll back your guitar volume pot to clean up a bit. For this new version we've swapped the tone switch of the originals to a rotary control for more versatility. We've also moved the internal bias control to the outside of the pedal, as well as widening the bias range. So gated fuzz sounds to smooth sustain are now available.

The crazy mutant artwork was created by Stacey Hine, and is professionally screen printed onto each powder coated enclosure.

The new Mutant Fuzz is out now! If you order using this page you'll get the one in Max's demo below.
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