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Used - Zoom 707II - Multi-Effects Unit

Used - Zoom 707II - Multi-Effects Unit

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The 707II is a sophisticated multi-effect processor for guitar with the following attractive features.

Versatile effects The Variable Architecture Modeling System(VAMS) adapts the internal configuration of the unit to achieve exactly the desired sound. The wide range of choices includes distortion effects, modulation effects such as chorus and flanger, reverb and delay effects, as well as a booster and cabinet simulator. A total of 74 effects are available.

● 120 great sounding patches Effect module setting combinations can be stored as patches. The 707II offers 60 patches which can be freely modified by the user, plus 60 preset patches. These settings will let you make great music straight away.

● Full complement of distortion effects 33 distortion type effects not only recreate the characteristics of famous guitar amps but also duplicate the sound and operation of renowned compact effects and pedals. Dedicated knobs and keys assure quick and easy operation.

● Designed for use on stage The 707II can be powered from an AC adapter or batteries. With one set of alkaline batteries, the unit will operate continuously for up to 11 hours. The large display showing patch names, and the built-in expression pedal for fine-tuning the sound are great for live performances.

● Knobs provide direct editing feel Various aspects (effect parameters) that control the sound of a module can be directly modified with three handy knobs. The Easy Edit feature lets you tweak the knobs for adjusting parameters also during play. Of course, you can store the results in your own patch.

● Sampling feature for recording A guitar phrase or the signal from an input source such as a CD player can be sampled for up to 6 seconds and stored in the internal memory. When using a 16 MB SmartMedia card, you can record up to 60 samples or 4 minutes of music. A recorded sample can even be played back at a slower speed without altering the pitch. This is a great tool for enhancing a live performance or for copying a lick or fast-played phrase.

● SmartMedia card allows unlimited number of patches and samples Patches and samples can be stored on separately available SmartMedia cards (up to 60 patches x 5 groups / 60 samples per card). Stored data can be read back into the unit at any time. This gives you unlimited potential for building a library of patches and samples.

● Integrated rhythm function 60 built-in rhythm patterns using natural-sounding PCM sources are available, which is great for practice or a quick jam session.

● Link samples, rhythm, pedal settings to patches The selection of rhythm patterns and samples can be stored for each patch individually, allowing synchronised operation when switching patches. Even the pedal adjustment range can be memorised for a patch.

  • Good working condition
  • A few marks and scratches
  • Power adapter not included
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